Switch Kit

To make your transition to MainSource Bank as easy as possible, we have put together three forms that you will need to complete your switch.


Direct Deposit Authorization Form

It is easy to have your funds directly deposited into your MainSource Bank account. Simply complete this form and attach a voided MainSource Bank check. Take the completed form to your employer and any other financial institution to have a direct deposit set up for you.

To change the direct deposit of your Social Security benefits, please contact Social Security/SSI at 800-772-1213.  For veteran's benefits, please contact 800-827-1000.


Automatic Payment Transfer Form

Your MainSource Bank account comes with Online Bill Pay. This means you can set up electronic payments to anyone who normally accepts checks from one website. Simply click here for more information on Bill Pay. However, if you would like to transfer your existing payments with individual companies (like utilities, gym memberships, or credit cards), simply complete, sign, and return a copy of this form to each company.


Account Closure Request Form

After you have set up your MainSource Bank account, keep your old account open long enough to allow all your payments and checks to clear. Be sure that you have switched all your automatic payment transactions to your new MainSource Bank account. You may close your old account by completing this form and mailing it to your old bank. Once you are confident that your old account is closed, bring in your old checks, ATM/Debit card, and deposit slips and MainSource will shred them for you.  


For additional assistance, please simply contact us