Making the switch is easier than you may think.

We know that when you're ready to switch banks, you've got a lot to consider. That is why we have created a Switch Kit that contains everything you need to make your transition to MainSource as simple as possible. 

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

It is easy to have your funds directly deposited into your MainSource Bank account. Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form for each direct deposit that you'd like to move over to MainSource. If required, attach a voided check from your new MainSource Bank account. Send the Direct Deposit Authorization Form(s) to your employer or any other institution that sends electronic deposits into your checking account 

Automatic Payment Transfer Form

Use the Automatic Payment Transfer Form to transfer your existing payments with individual companies (like utilities, gym memberships, or credit cards). Complete and return an Automatic Payment Transfer Form for each company you authorize to make automatic withdrawals from your account.

Account Closure Request Form

After you have set up your MainSource Bank account, keep you old account open long enough to allow all your payments and checks to clear. Be sure that you have switched all your automatic payment transactions to your new MainSource Bank account. You may close your old account by completing the Account Closure Request Form and sending it to your financial institution. Once you are confident that your old account is closed, bring in your old checks, debit card and deposit slips and we will shred them for you. 

Wasn't that easy? Now you can enjoy using your new MainSource account. If you have any questions about switching your checking account, please call us at 800-713-6083.

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For Money Management

For Money Management

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For Smart Conveniences

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