Savings Accounts

Smarter than a can buried in the back yard.
And way friendlier.

Tomorrow. Itís the reason you open a savings account. And that, in turn, is the reason itís so important to choose a bank you can be comfortable with for the long haul. At MainSource, weíre stable, secure and darned friendly to boot. We offer a range of savings options designed to help you maintain, grow and protect your savings.

Simply put, we look after your money as if it was our own. And we give you plenty of options for growing your nest egg.

Personal Savings Accounts

The old standby - complete with modern perks. At MainSource, we give you choices. We offer a number of unique savings account options. Probably more than youíd expect from a community bank. Simply choose the option thatís right for your needs:

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SELECT SAVINGS Premium Interest  Tiered Interest Rates
STUDENT SAVINGS For students 13-23
3 Free Withdrawals
per month 
No Service Fee
until Age 18

No Minimum Balance
SUNNYíS SUPER SAVINGS Children 12 and Under  3 Free Withdrawals
per Month
4 Withdrawals per Year 
Matures 3rd Friday
in October