VISA Debit Cards

Swipe. Smile. Repeat.

We’re thrilled when people choose MainSource to be their bank. It’s a big deal to us. So we show our appreciation by offering our customers the most convenient, useful services we can. Case in point: our debit cards. They work just like debit cards from other banks – but they’re backed by the friendly, personalized service you’ll only find at MainSource. Refreshing, right?

MainSource Debit Card

The MainSource Bank Visa® Debit Card looks like a credit card but works like a check. Use it to make purchases wherever Visa® is accepted. You can also use it in combination with your PIN number to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.

MainSource Rewards

Friendliness. Smiles. Pleasant conversation. They’re all just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we’ve got lined up for you. When you have a MainSource Debit Card and access to Online Banking, you have the power to click, shop, and enjoy cash back!

To redeem program certificates, .

Beginning February 1, 2013, MainSource Debit Card customers will no longer earn reward points. If you currently have reward points, they will be valid through the expiration date printed on each certificate.

To sign up for any of our convenience banking services, simply contact us.