Notifications & Alerts

The web is a great resource while conducting work and personal business. But at the same time, it opens the door to online criminals. Educating yourself while being proactive is the best way to defend yourself against fraud. On this page, we have shared information from the FDIC and other organizations on the latest online scams and other pertinent information and how you can protect you or your business against such scams. 

If you suspect fraudulent activity on any of your accounts, please contact MainSource Bank immediately at 800-713-6083. 


Latest Scams

Indiana State Police & BBB Warn About IRS Scam (6/10/14)
Sweetheart Scam (6/4/14)
Telephone Scam Alleging a Relative is in a Financial or Legal Crisis (4/10/14)
Rental House Scam (3/6/2014)
Target Nationwide Data Breach (12/19/2013)
Summer Travel Planning and Safety Tips (5/21/2013)
Beware of Tornado Relief Scammers (5/22/2013)
Protecting Your Plastic From High-Tech Criminals (5/22/2013)