If you wish to stay in your home...

Life can be tough. And keeping up with the monthly mortgage payments can be even tougher. 

Don't let one missed monthly payment turn into two. Reaching out now for help may save you and your family a lot of heartache and headaches down the road. 

Here are some options that may allow you to keep your home: 

  How does it work? Will it benefit me?

Borrower will receive a new loan with lower interest rate or other favorable terms.


By refinancing, the payment and loan term is more affordable to the borrower.

Repayment Plan

Borrower will make past due payments together with regular payments over an extended period of time.


The Repayment Plan allows time to catch up on late payments without having to make one lump sum payment.
Loan Modification After successfully making the reduced payments during a "trial period", the borrower may be eligible to receive modified terms to make the loan more affordable or manageable.

This program permanently modifies the mortgage so payments or terms are more manageable as a permanent solution to a long-term or permanent hardship. 


For more information:

Phone: 800-896-7453

Email: helpforhomeowners@mainsourcebank.com