Direct Connect

Direct Connect enables you to directly and easily access your most recent account information through personal finance management software such as Quicken® and QuickBooks®



  • Launches from Quicken® or QuickBooks®.
  • Customizable automated enrollment process.
  • Allows the direct download of data while you are logged into the Internet.
  • Does not require you to be logged into Online Banking.
  • Able to transfer funds in addition to download.
  • Download transactions and balances directly into account register.
  • Supports checking, savings, money market, CD, and most loan accounts.


  • Improves financial management because one update downloads the most current account information available.
  • Prevents duplicate transactions to avoid account management mistakes.
  • Increases convenience with easy and direct access to personal accounts through your preferred personal finance management software (Quicken® and QuickBooks®).