Term Loan

Term Loan financing is often attractive because it provides a solution for business expansion and/or equipment acquisition. In addition, it allows you to budget for fixed outflows based on a scheduled repayment program. Repayment is structured in periodic installment payments, with terms estabilished with your budget and cash flow in mind. Your commercial banker can help you structure a term loan to finance fixed assets, increase permanent working capital, or undertake other transactions that require long term financing. Subject to credit approval. 


Business Need New or Used Equipment, Business Purpose Vehicle
Amount $10,000 to $15,000,000
Rate Fixed or Variable, based upon Prime Rate
Collateral Requirements Business or Farm assets, specific equipment being purchased, or business purpose vehicle
Repayment Terms Fixed principal and interest monthly, quarterly, or annually
Maturity/Amortization Equipment: Up to 84 months
Vehicles: Up to 72 months


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