Zero Balance Account

If your business maintains multiple bank accounts, but would like the freedom to consolidate all of your funds into one account, a MainSource Zero Balance Account (ZBA) provides an efficient, automated means of cash flow control for multi-account arrangements.

A MainSource ZBA is a checking account which maintains a zero balance and is automatically funded by your main operating account. At the end of the business day, the main account is debited for the total amount of checks that clear the ZBA, while the ZBA is credited with this amount to return the account balance to zero.

Zero Balance Accounts can also be used for depository purposes. For example, a company with several divisions may make deposits into its ZBA. At the close of business, a debit is made to the ZBA and all of the funds are credited to the main account.

A MainSource Zero Balance Account will allow your business to:

  • Eliminate idle funds in your checking account. 
  • Simplify investment and funding decisions; all funds are concentrated into one main account, and may be linked to a Repurchase Account to maximize earnings. 
  • Receive separate monthly statements for each account with a record of all incoming and outgoing transfers. 
  • Account activity can be consolidated into one analyzed account statement.