A True Sunny Super Saver

Eight year old customer, Riley, decided she wanted to open her savings account with MainSource in January 2010 (she was then seven years old). Riley's family had most of their accounts with another bank, but when she saw and heard everything about Sunny the SuperSaver, she was hooked. Soon, she was bringing all of her money to MainSource.

After opening her account, Riley left the bank gung ho to create her own personal goal board.  Within a few days, Riley's aunt received a phone call. Riley had decided to set her goal to save money for an "all girls" cruise.

Riley had set her goal and was determined to reach it.  She went around looking for odd jobs from family members and also did more to "kick up" her allowance at home.  She met her goal and a 7 night cruise was booked.  Riley and her family went on their cruise in October 2010 and had a blast!  Riley proudly wore her Sunny SuperSaver tshirt and toted her MainSource beach towel all over the ship.

Riley is truly a loyal MainSource customer.  Her mom says that she is a "walking, talking MainSource billboard."  Riley tells her friends they need to have a Sunny account.  And whenever she hears anyone talking about MainSource, Riley proudly say "Hey, that's my bank!"


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