Best Lesson Learned Father's Day Contest Winner

The week before Father's Day, we asked our FaceBook Fans to send us their favorite/best lesson learned from their father.  The person that submitted the best lesson received a $50 Visa gift card.  

Our winner was Mary L.  Below is her Best Lesson entry.


From my earliest memories of my father, I remember him helping others.  Not just an occasional holding a door open or something like that, but so much more. We didn't have much, but when someone needed money, he would help them find a job, or find a way to help them.  He would give them a ride to their destination, or let them borrow our only car.  Over the years, several foster children lived in our home.  He was a father to the fatherless, an encourager, and showed love to each child regardless of their situation.  He was especially kind to the elderly.  I remember going to different houses visiting with an elderly couple while he did work for them.  Widowed ladies would be invited to join us for Sunday dinner, or to go to the theater with us.  My father never met a stranger, and loved all people.

As a result of growing up watching my dad show kindness to everyone he met, I have looked for opportunities to love others and show kindness.  I am now the Missions Leader at my church, which enables me to help so many more people than I could do on my own.  I have learned not to judge others by their situation. Every person you meet is facing some kind of trial.  Love them.  Help them.  Encourage them.


Congratulations Mary! 

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