Wow Checking

An account designed for customers looking for discounts on purchases, using their debit card...a GREAT alternative to FREE! 

Every time you swipe your debit card for purchases, we will reduce the service fee by $.20.1

Account Includes:

1. Monthly service fee may be reduced up to $6 if receiving eStatements, up to $9 if receiving paper statements, or up to $12 if receiving paper statements with images. 
2. The account must be returned to a positive balance as soon as possible. This service may apply to checks and ACH transactions. If the customer elects to affirmatively agree, the service may apply to ATM and everyday debit card transactions. Overdraft payments may be discretionary. An overdraft fee of $37 will apply for each transaction that is paid. An overdraft notification fee of $35 will be charged on the 7th, 14th, and 21st consecutive calendar days following the overdraft occurrence if the account remains in overdraft status.